Spectator Information

Family, friends, and fans are more than welcome to attend and view the Championships, knowing that they must abide by the rules and course regulations. Copies of these rules will be made available to spectators when they arrive at the course.


Adults: $10.00/daily
Veterans/Seniors:  $5.00/daily
Children under 12 Free

  • All spectators will need to check in at the welcome table to purchase a wristband at $10 per day. We will be selling a different color wristband each day.
  • All spectators must walk the course, unless approved for a cart by the tournament director.
  • Spectators will be asked to put all electronic devices such as cell phones in silent mode.
  • Only credentialed coaches are permitted to coach the athletes while they are on the course. Any conversation with athletes could be interpreted as unauthorized coaching under USGA Rule 8, and the athlete could be given a two-stroke penalty as a result.
  • Spectators may assist players, tournament staff, and NCAA Rules Officials search for lost balls on the course. The timing allocated to search for a lost ball begins when the player arrives at the scene, so spectators are encouraged to assist with the search immediately in order to maintain pace of play. If a ball should accidentally be touched or moved, the spectator must make the player or coach aware of such movement, so that they may accurately follow the related rules.
  • No outside food or drinks are permitted on site. The snack bar will be open during the tournament.