221 Panthers honored as SCIAC All-Academic

2018-19 SCIAC All-Academic

ORANGE, Calif. – Chapman University's student-athletes matched their record number with 221 SCIAC All-Academic selections in for the 2018-19 school year. The Panthers had the fourth-most selections of the nine schools in the SCIAC.

In order to earn the All-Academic distinction, student-athletes must have earned a varsity letter and achieved at least a cumulative 3.4 GPA as of the end of the school year. In total, 211 student-athletes achieved the high marks in the classroom with 10 of them being recognized in two sports.

Four of the 221 selections ended the school year with a 4.0 GPA, including Academic All-Americans Danielle Zahn and Faith Holloway. A total of 14 student-athletes own a cumulative GPA above a 3.9 and 42 total Panthers are north of a 3.8. Of the 221 selections, 30 are double majoring.

The Panthers had 18 of 21 teams have at least one-third of their respective rosters recognized on the annual list with 11 of those teams celebrating half of their rosters reach the recognition. The women's volleyball team, which had the highest team GPA in 2018-19, saw 79 percent of its roster recognized to lead the department.

Among the All-Academic selections were ABCA Pitcher of the Year Tyler Peck as well as All-Americans Jaryn Fajardo (women's basketball), Wesley Hertel (men's water polo) and Audrey Hattori (women's water polo).

The 2018-19 selections mark the second time in Chapman's short history in the SCIAC with over 200 SCIAC All-Academic selections. In total, the SCIAC honored 1,881 student-athletes.

Baseball Bitter,James
Baseball Briggs,Mitchell
Baseball Collins,Mason
Baseball Fleming,Cole
Baseball Foard,Cooper
Baseball Gregersen,Kevin
Baseball Jimenez,Joe
Baseball Peck,Tyler
Baseball Rey,Parker
Baseball Shimabuku,Brad
Baseball Zeisler,Henry
Baseball Ziv,Ben
Men's Basketball Chan,Brandon
Men's Basketball Fusco,Ryan
Men's Basketball Grossmann,Matt
Men's Basketball Kenney,Jeff
Men's Basketball Nakakihara,Reed
Men's Basketball White,Chandler
Women's Basketball Dobbs,Kelsey
Women's Basketball Fajardo,Jaryn
Women's Basketball Girardi,Maija
Women's Basketball Hextrum,Taylor
Women's Basketball Wallace,Karsyn
Men's Cross Country Butler,Drake
Men's Cross Country Clark,Ben
Men's Cross Country Haas,Eli
Men's Cross Country Klump,Emerson
Men's Cross Country Soltes,Jonah 
Women's Cross Country Eglinton,Emma 
Women's Cross Country Reece,Arabella
Women's Cross Country Yee,Ryly
Football Aarhus,David
Football Baur,Alex
Football Bell,Dylan
Football Bruce,Ben
Football Bunnel,Jonathan
Football Caffaro,Vinny
Football Calcagno,Patrick
Football Callen,Nick
Football Chobanian,Jacob
Football Craig,Scott
Football Deeb,Elias
Football Edwards,Isaac
Football Gingold,Golan
Football Goeken,Hunter
Football Gross,Harrison
Football Heger,Duncan
Football Iyer,Pranav
Football Jones,Brad
Football Keefe,Dillon
Football Kelly,Nate
Football Kistner,James
Football Kohn,Alec
Football Mudie,Will
Football Shorts,Zach
Football Treadway,Carter
Football Vaccher,Dominic
Football Vill,Trevor
Football Wilbanks,Jacob
Men's Golf Bjorndahl,Brent
Men's Golf Hval,Brody
Men's Golf Keating,Avery
Men's Golf Rogers,Sia
Men's Golf Tso,Griffin
Women's Golf Bantle,Haylie
Women's Golf Bhanubandh,Marisa
Women's Golf Lee,Alison
Women's Golf Leet,Brooke
Women's Golf Lewis,Emily
Women's Golf Settle,Lauren
Women's Lacrosse Chadwick,Elizabeth
Women's Lacrosse Donnelly,Leah
Women's Lacrosse Goldsberry,Cami
Women's Lacrosse Hextrum,Taylor 
Women's Lacrosse Khatib,Summer
Women's Lacrosse Kroeckel,Ally
Women's Lacrosse Lopez,Michaela
Women's Lacrosse Schwartz,Lucy
Women's Lacrosse Singleton,Alexis
Women's Lacrosse Smith,Allison
Women's Lacrosse Spaeth,Sarah
Women's Lacrosse Thompson,Shelby
Women's Lacrosse Zahn,Danielle
Men's Soccer Close,Bennett
Men's Soccer Cohn,Cameron
Men's Soccer Howe,Tobi
Men's Soccer Matteoni,Jarod
Men's Soccer Matteoni,Zachary
Men's Soccer McLane,Connor
Men's Soccer Onart,Ryan
Men's Soccer Quinn,Patrick
Men's Soccer Raymond,Charles
Men's Soccer Thornton,Jaxson
Men's Soccer Wall,Aidan
Women's Soccer Aronson,Elly
Women's Soccer Bergerson,Daniela
Women's Soccer Bigcas,Madie
Women's Soccer Bland,Kelsey
Women's Soccer Cochran,Bailee
Women's Soccer Erl,Lindsay
Women's Soccer Farber,Emmy
Women's Soccer Fowler,Mia
Women's Soccer Fox,Stephanie
Women's Soccer Holloway,Faith
Women's Soccer Merrill,Allison
Women's Soccer Moore,Lily
Women's Soccer Pidgeon,Riley
Women's Soccer Roux,Jessie
Women's Soccer Scranton,Taylor
Women's Soccer Uyeda,Elle 
Softball Ballard,Hope
Softball Briski,Annika
Softball Brunn,Madee
Softball Claudy,Emily
Softball Coogan,Erin
Softball Foisy,Michaela
Softball Gallegos,Morgan
Softball Galloway,Julia Brooke
Softball Hartmann,Sarah
Softball Kashani,Sarah
Softball Kim,Jessica
Softball Lo Verde,Christine
Softball Mason,Emilee
Softball McCarty,Kelly
Softball Muniz,Julia
Softball Okumura,Tracie
Softball Runge,Elizabeth
Softball Sumida,Sarah
Softball Wong,Heaven
Men's Swim & Dive Broughton,Connor
Men's Swim & Dive Daitch,Jacob
Men's Swim & Dive Donoghue,Austin
Men's Swim & Dive Guillow,Jarett
Men's Swim & Dive Hurdle,Clint
Men's Swim & Dive Jahangani,Michael
Men's Swim & Dive Kulinich,Michael
Men's Swim & Dive Lammert,Justin
Men's Swim & Dive Modglin,Josh
Men's Swim & Dive Peterson,Ned
Women's Swim & Dive Brennan,Anne
Women's Swim & Dive Cunningham,Roisin  
Women's Swim & Dive Davis,Molly
Women's Swim & Dive Fong,Kristina
Women's Swim & Dive Gerhold,Teresa
Women's Swim & Dive Guarino,Olivia
Women's Swim & Dive Haase,Ally
Women's Swim & Dive Heiss,Hanna
Women's Swim & Dive Henderson,Katelyn
Women's Swim & Dive Latner,Brooke
Women's Swim & Dive Laukaitis,Carina
Women's Swim & Dive Lopez,Nancy
Women's Swim & Dive Mirho,Marlena
Women's Swim & Dive Russell,Pippa
Women's Swim & Dive Spyrou,Joanna 
Women's Swim & Dive Tamusaitis,Avery
Women's Swim & Dive Toole,Kellyn
Women's Swim & Dive Warhurst,Mallory
Women's Swim & Dive Wiens,Sadie
Men's Tennis Dehaven,Brock
Men's Tennis Gardner,Elliot
Men's Tennis Kamemoto,Len 
Men's Tennis Manditch,Troy
Men's Tennis Rooney,Adrien
Women's Tennis Del Rosario,Monika
Women's Tennis Fouts,Nicole
Women's Tennis Kaplan,Anna Maité
Women's Tennis Lee,Naomi
Women's Tennis Ogranovich,Alisa 
Women's Tennis Purewal,Anmohl
Women's Tennis Ross,Madison
Women's Tennis Trofimova,Vasilisa
Men's Track and Field Butler,Drake
Men's Track and Field Callen,Nick
Men's Track and Field Elder,Tyler
Men's Track and Field Epstein,Cody
Men's Track and Field Gonzales,Anthony
Men's Track and Field Gray,Armond
Men's Track and Field Grobey,Elon
Men's Track and Field Heide,Axel
Men's Track and Field Ohara,Derek
Men's Track and Field Soltes,Jonah B
Women's Track and Field Eglinton,Emma
Women's Track and Field Girardi,Maija
Women's Track and Field Johnson,Promise
Women's Track and Field Martinez,Josanni
Women's Track and Field Pickerill,Hannah
Women's Track and Field Reece,Arabella
Women's Track and Field Siguenza,Gabrielle
Women's Track and Field Spielberger,Toni
Women's Track and Field Tajii,Tish
Women's Track and Field Trent,Carly
Women's Volleyball Blum,Jessica
Women's Volleyball Davis,Karissa
Women's Volleyball Friend,Lauren
Women's Volleyball Holland,Devyn
Women's Volleyball Johnson,Lindsey
Women's Volleyball Justus,Courtney
Women's Volleyball Lui,Mavis
Women's Volleyball Lumsden,Jessi
Women's Volleyball Munoz,Nayelli
Women's Volleyball Nunes,Sarah
Women's Volleyball Raymundo,Kaitlyn
Women's Volleyball Silverman,Eve
Women's Volleyball Srivastava,Sophie
Women's Volleyball Walker,Katharine
Women's Volleyball Wiles,Erika
Men's Water Polo Bernardi,Jared
Men's Water Polo Genetti,Cameron
Men's Water Polo Hertel,Wesley
Men's Water Polo Sichak,Eric
Men's Water Polo Walter,Ethan
Men's Water Polo Wilson,Bradley
Women's Water Polo Beloian,Kylie
Women's Water Polo Cunningham,Roisin
Women's Water Polo Diaz,Argelia
Women's Water Polo Hattori,Audrey
Women's Water Polo Jufiar,Lauren
Women's Water Polo Ma,Charlene
Women's Water Polo Mirho,Marlena
Women's Water Polo Spyrou,Joanna
Women's Water Polo Welfringer,Alyssa


By Steven Olveda
Sports Information Director

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